The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Flirt

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Flirt


Before we discuss how to successfully flirt, you need to consider one very important fact —women don’t like cocky assholes.


In a later section, we’re going to talk about the high status man. When reading about this attitude, you have to remember it’s a lot different than being an arrogant prick.


Showing off your hot set of wheels, talking about your money, or boasting about your important job may seem like a good way to grab a girl’s attention, but they’re not.


Bragging actually portrays weakness, and it’ll do you more harm than good.

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Bottom line—The wrong way to flirt is to brag about yourself.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the right way to flirt.


In essence, flirting is a subtle but fun way to show a girl you’re interested in her.


Imagine the following scenario…


You’re talking to a girl for the very first time. She’s cute, she seems interested in the conversation, and even better…she appears to be giving you ‘the eye.’


You know the best way to “get” her is to flirt.  So you try to demonstrate all the core character traits women find appealing in a guy.


You tell jokes because women like to laugh.  You compliment her thinking she wants a nice guy.  And you ask questions because you’ve heard “chicks like to talk about themselves.”


The problem with this scenario is only address the surface context of a conversation.  It doesn’t address the sub-context.

With flirting, you communicate on both a verbal and non-verbal level.  The truth is 90% of what you say to a woman doesn’t come out of your mouth.  It’s said through your body language.


That means two guys could verbally say exactly the same thing, but deliver completely different messages.   The man who is most successful with women knows how to use his voice, gestures, and mannerisms to express powerful communication which makes women incredibly attracted.


So don’t think that the simple act of talking to a girl will make her interested.


To flirt correctly, you’ll have to master both the flow of conversations and the underlying meaning behind each statement.  Fortunately for you this is something we’re going to cover in-depth in the Flirt Mastery system.


But before we get to that, I think we should talk about something important.  Something that might be holding you back from having incredible success with women…

5 Shocking Myths About Women

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Don’t want to burst your bubble, but I have to tell you that you’ve been lied to.


Between the media and Hollywood movies, you’ve been exposed to a many myths when it comes to women and dating.  As a result, what you think women want is actually not true.


In this section, we’re going to discuss these myths.  Hopefully I’ll reprogram your brain a little and get you to think differently about what you think you know.


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