How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 2)

How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 2)

how to approach women,how to pick up women,how to seduce women


Assume She’s Interested In You…


That’s one of the best ways to get yourself pumped up to do your approach. This will give you confidence and the woman will pick up on this, in turn making her more attracted to you


It does not matter whether it’s a fact or whether it’s just your own belief. YOU MAKE IT YOUR REALITY! The key here is for you to take the first step forward to walk up to her. Remember, you CANNOT hesitate when you approach women. You only have 3 seconds to make it work.


After that, hesitation kicks in. You’ll doubt yourself. Or she’ll just walk away. These are realities that happen in bars and clubs.


Bring A Female Friend To Your Game Area…


When going to a club or bar in search of women, bring a female friend instead of going with your normal guy buddies. This will give everyone the impression that you are already taken, and men that are already taken, for some funny reason seems to me much, MUCH more appealing to women than groups consisting of just guys.


Have fun and make your girl friend/s laugh when their around you and SHOW it to the women around you. Those women will be thinking things like, “That guy looks kinda’ interesting. The women around him are having so much fun, I wonder what he’s saying to them…”


heightens their opinion and By having women around you, it immediately your social standing to them… It’s just basic human psychology.



Once she has that perception of you, she’ll be way open to any of your Once she has that perception of you, she’ll be advances when you’re approaching her.


This goes the same wherever your game is, be it in cafes, the local eating place, bars, clubs, ANYWHERE.


Remember, this is one powerful technique that is guaranteed to work every single time.


Techniques On Approaching… 


You have to make your approach in a very LAID BACK, RELAXED manner.


NOT just walking up to her and looking all fidgety, nervous and anxious at the same time.


Here’s a common scenario when guys approach women in clubs:


–  Guy is sitting down with his drink

–  He spots a hot woman

–  He gawks at her non-stop

–  When she notices him looking, he’ll look away

–  He then steals glances at her, whenever she looks, he’ll look away

–  He’ll be thinking, “What should I say?”, “What should I say?”

–  When he finally thinks of some ‘cool’  opening line to try and impress

her which he ‘thinks’ will work, he finally gets up and makes his move…

9 out of 10 times, she WILL reject him



No.1 – He hesitated when first looked in his direction and looked away (this shows of his lack of confidence)


No.2 – He keeps staring glances at her but kept looking away everytime she looks his way (this shows that he’s scared, fidgety & uncomfortable in such situations). This will immediately LOWER his social standing in her eyes dramatically!


No.3 – When he finally starts to make his move and approach her, she will instantly know that he was eye-ing her, (he was indirectly giving her power and ‘prizing’ her – in other words, she knows he want her).


When this happens, she knows she has the upper hand when he approached easily blow him off and ask him to get lost. His chances of a her and she can successful pick-up is 10%-90%. This again will depend largely on his body language and how he talks to her when he makes his approach.


Baaad approach.


Recommended approach: 


–  Guy is sitting down with his drink

–  He spots a hot woman

–  He is genuinely having fun and laughing along with his buddies

–  Whilst laughing, he looks around and spots her again.

–  When she notices him looking, he’ll immediately raise his glass, points it her way and acknowledges her

–  He smiles confidently

–  She’ll look away

–  He continues having a blast with his buddies

–  He then nonchalantly looks her way again and smiles

–  She looks at him again and begins to ease up on the situation

–  He gets up, walks toward her, and says “Hey, you know what, we were all just having this lil’ argument over there on who is the smarter sex, a man or a woman – what’s your take on this? We need a woman’s opinion on this to make it an even ‘trial’ over there” *smirk*…

–  At this point, she’ll HAVE to say something..


Notice the difference in how both approaches are done… 


This time, the guy shows supreme confidence and projects that he’s there in the club to genuinely have fun. He seems to be more of a laid back guy rather than someone who’s there simply to ‘approach’ women…


He does not act desperate.


He never hesitates, sees something he likes, walks over and makes his move. He is not even making it seem like he’s approaching her – he’s just asking for an honest opinion from the first female he notices in the room.


There’s no way in hell she’ll act all bitchy and try to diss him off this way…


Point is: Don’t make your approaches too OBVIOUS to women. It’s just a very HARD way to make your approaches successful. When you make it too obvious, you’ll be subject to too many  uncontrollable situations which normally would be unfavorable to you.

To be continued



How to flirt with women


how to attract women, how to seduce women, how to get a girl to like you

How to pick up girls online and offline– become the ultimate pickup artist

How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 1)

How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 1)


How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls


Foundations Of A Successful Pick-Up…


I have a confession to make.


I lied.


One of the most frequently asked question amongst guys are: How do I without successfully approach, talk to a woman & successfully ‘pick her up’ ever getting rejected?


Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer for you.


Because to be honest with you, I have not seen ANY one guy who can simply walk up to any woman and successfully initiate the ‘pick up’ without ever getting rejected at all.


He’d have to be Superman to be able to do that.


I’d love to tell you I have a top-secret technique you can use to NEVER get NOT happen.  rejected, but unfortunately in the REAL world, that does


The reality is, there will ALWAYS be SOME point of rejection whenever you’re out approaching women.


REACT to those rejections

What is more important then is how you’re able to when they do happen that matters most.


That being said though, I have outlined a checklist of techniques you can use in order to INCREASE your success rates when you’re approaching women here.


Here goes…


You Have Nothing To Lose…


This is the one key mindset you MUST have if you want to be a successful PUA (Pick Up Artist). I’ve seen it with my own eyes – A good friend of mine who’s an expert at approaching and picking up women only remembers one thing whenever he does an ‘approach’.


“Just do it!”

That’s the only thing in his mind.


The word “rejection” is non-existent in his vocabulary. He does not care! He just approaches and approaches and approaches without the slightest thought of the faggoty “what if she rejects me” mentality.


So quit being scared of rejection and just get out there and DO it. The trick is to not think about it AT ALL, if you start thinking…


“Should I talk to her or not?”


“What should I say?”


eventually talk yourself out of it.

… then you will


Let me say this again; start thinking too much and you WILL eventually talk yourself out of it.


In fact, the infamous “3 second rule” states that the moment you spot a woman you’d like to know, you must approach her immediately.


If you hesitate any longer than 3 seconds, you’re most likely to think of all sorts of excuses, negative thoughts and talk yourself out of it and you can basically kiss her goodbye.


Think about it this way, if you talk to her, you might have a 50/50 chance of success & getting rejected, but if you  don’t talk to her, you have absolutely ZERO chance of success.


If you don’t initiate the conversation, it WILL most likely never take place! Because there is NO WAY in hell she’ll come to you.


Now, that’s reality for you, my friend…

What If She Rejects You… 


When that happens  (and it will happen initially when you’re first starting out), just smile and walk away.


Who cares what she thinks, you probably won’t see her again anyway!


Besides, it’s HER loss, she just missed out on a fun time for free with a great guy.


In fact, go out  looking to get rejected, because once you become COMFORTABLE with women saying no, your fear of rejection will naturally be gone. (Don’t believe me, TRY it then! You’ll see it with your own eyes!)


Remember that the guy who gets rejected the most is the guy who leaves with the most numbers!

(to be continued)


How to flirt with women

how to attract women, how to seduce women, how to get a girl to like you

How to pick up girls online and offline– become the ultimate pickup artist

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Flirt

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Flirt


Before we discuss how to successfully flirt, you need to consider one very important fact —women don’t like cocky assholes.


In a later section, we’re going to talk about the high status man. When reading about this attitude, you have to remember it’s a lot different than being an arrogant prick.


Showing off your hot set of wheels, talking about your money, or boasting about your important job may seem like a good way to grab a girl’s attention, but they’re not.


Bragging actually portrays weakness, and it’ll do you more harm than good.

 how to get a girl to like you,how to talk to girls,flirting tips,flirting tips for guys

Bottom line—The wrong way to flirt is to brag about yourself.


Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the right way to flirt.


In essence, flirting is a subtle but fun way to show a girl you’re interested in her.


Imagine the following scenario…


You’re talking to a girl for the very first time. She’s cute, she seems interested in the conversation, and even better…she appears to be giving you ‘the eye.’


You know the best way to “get” her is to flirt.  So you try to demonstrate all the core character traits women find appealing in a guy.


You tell jokes because women like to laugh.  You compliment her thinking she wants a nice guy.  And you ask questions because you’ve heard “chicks like to talk about themselves.”


The problem with this scenario is only address the surface context of a conversation.  It doesn’t address the sub-context.

With flirting, you communicate on both a verbal and non-verbal level.  The truth is 90% of what you say to a woman doesn’t come out of your mouth.  It’s said through your body language.


That means two guys could verbally say exactly the same thing, but deliver completely different messages.   The man who is most successful with women knows how to use his voice, gestures, and mannerisms to express powerful communication which makes women incredibly attracted.


So don’t think that the simple act of talking to a girl will make her interested.


To flirt correctly, you’ll have to master both the flow of conversations and the underlying meaning behind each statement.  Fortunately for you this is something we’re going to cover in-depth in the Flirt Mastery system.


But before we get to that, I think we should talk about something important.  Something that might be holding you back from having incredible success with women…

5 Shocking Myths About Women

how to get a girlfriend,how to talk to girls,dating advice for men,flirting tips,flirting tips for guys

Don’t want to burst your bubble, but I have to tell you that you’ve been lied to.


Between the media and Hollywood movies, you’ve been exposed to a many myths when it comes to women and dating.  As a result, what you think women want is actually not true.


In this section, we’re going to discuss these myths.  Hopefully I’ll reprogram your brain a little and get you to think differently about what you think you know.


(This article is part from the The Flirt Mastery Gold system, you can find the whole book in this amazing site )

Discover how to to flirt with women.

How many of you guys have tried flirting with a woman to only be shot down within the first couple of sentences? Or maybe you want to imitate a friend that seems to have better luck at capturing and getting hot women to go out with them time and time again? Well there is a product out to help guys like you get over the hurdles of flirting with hot woman and making sure that you get that girl you set your eyes on. And you can find it at here. It is a program that helps you get over whatever obstacle is in your way and make you the flirting master.


In the eBook they cover the three important steps to ensure that you do not go home alone and that you get the girl you have been eying all night. They are common sense steps that most guys just do not think of because as a Guy we are not wired to do these things automatically. It takes time and practice to understand that Girls do not care about guy things. Well some do and this eBook will help you identify what type of woman you are dealing with.


The steps are pretty simple and easy to understand First you need to ensure that you do not become the woman’s friend. Once this happens it is almost impossible to get them into a sexual relationship with you. They might say that they want to marry someone that is their best friend, but that does not mean they are looking to sleep with there best friend at this moment in time. The eBook goes through the steps to ensure that you are flirting with the woman first and not boring her to death by trying to become friends first.


The Second step is to make sure you trigger her emotions. Woman are emotional creatures and react to emotional stimulus. The eBook helps you determine what to say to get the woman reacting to you with the right emotions. You want to get the woman basing her choice on how she feels and then backing that choice up with logic. Where you would do the opposite, base your choice on the most logical outcome and then feel good about making that choice.


The last step is to forget about only getting beautiful women because you are good looking, young or rich. The eBook goes through the process of ensuring that even fat, ugly, poor and old guys can get a beautiful woman to go home with them at the end of the night. It is a fallacy that only attractive woman will go for the attractive, rich and young man.


Getting the ebook from here  can help you learn what you are doing wrong when it comes to the dating scene. And help you land that gorgeous lady sitting next to you at the club.

How to flirt with women

how to flirt with girl,flirting tips


how to get a girl to like you

How to attract, seduce and pick-up women quickly and easily using highly effective pyschological techniques

The art of seduction is something that men everywhere have been trying to perfect since the beginning of time. In the beginning cavemen would hit women over the head and take them back to their caves. Luckily as a society things have evolved and men and women have come to terms in other means than violence. Unfortunately this leaves quite a few men scratching their head as they try to get that girl they have been chasing after for days, weeks and even months or years. Lucky for these fellas there is a website that helps crack the code so that a guy gets girl every time. This website is called “guygetsgirl” and this is a review of that site.

The site has Tiffany Taylor sharing her secrets with its members on how to get that girl of their dreams. Tiffany Taylor is an author and has written many books that have received rewards on dating. She claims to have study the art of dating and now wishes to share that knowledge with anyone that is looking to get that girl they have been pining over. Given that it is written from a woman’s perspective the guide will help a man unravel the date from the first contact all the way to home plate. Tiffany Taylor shows you that you do not have to be rich or super model good looking to get any woman anywhere at any time. You just have to know how to talk to them and she shares with you the secrets she has picked up during her research and study of the dating scene.

With the help from Tiffany Taylor and guygetsgirl you will learn the best pickup lines to use at the grocery store or the laundromat. You do not have to go to the bar to pickup women and you do not need the alcoholic beverages to make you look better. You just need these simple word phrases that will unlock the woman’s brain and get them to be more receptive to giving you a date. As well as helping with the pickup techniques that work, Tiffany Talyor will show you what does not so you can avoid a costly mistake at picking up that hot girl at the coffee bar for a night out.

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Along with getting that girl you will also be given info on where the best spots are to look for that hot date. Where you should take them once you have them agreeing to that first date. As well as other techniques that guys wish they knew about, like how to get into a one-night stand and out of it without all the drama. With the system over at you will be able to win over any woman that you set your eyes one and keep her with tips on how to give her the greatest pleasure during sex and how to get that second, third and fourth date with the girl of your dreams through planning the perfect date!

This is a complete system by a woman to help guys get the girl.

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How to pick up girls online and offline– become the ultimate pickup artist

First, let me tell you a little story. It’s about how I went from a shy, awkward 22 year-old computer geek virgin to hooking up with a hot new girl every single day from Craigslist and PlentyofFish, Facebook, going to amusement parks, hitting the clubs, and just walking down the street …

"How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls"

High-school sucked. I had a crush on this chick named Kelly. Imagine the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, then make her ten times hotter. Long legs, and a sultry air that just screamed. I wanted to hook up with this girl for years, but I finally got the nerve to ask her out on the last day of school. I approached her after gym class and put my hand on her shoulder, all nervous and awkward. She turned around, kind of startled, and I saw those big green eyes gaping back at me … well, that was the last bloody thing I remember. I woke up two hours later in a white room with tubes coming out my nose. I had blacked out from fear. It was the most embarassing day of my life.

After that catastrophe, I read dozens of books by ‘pickup artists’ and learned from my friends in college who were real players. Problem was, every time I went up to a girl at a party or a club she just blew me off … even when I used the scripted ‘lines’ that pickup artists recommend. And when a chick gave me her number, it was mostly because she felt sorry for me … nothing worked!

I felt really disconnected from women and had no clue how to approach a girl or ask her out. I was about as confident as a seventh-grader with a crush on his teacher. It felt like there was some secret handshake – some secret code – that successful guys knew about. I got rejected over and over again. Basically, I had no game whatsoever …

Around that time, while wandering through the library on a friday night, I picked up a book called ‘ The Red Queen ‘. It was about new developments in ‘sexual selection theory’, a part of evolutionary biology that deals with how people choose sex partners … Let me tell you, that book changed my life forever. I started reading everything I could about ‘sexual selection’ … textbooks, obscure thesis papers, science-journal essays … Never again would I be the loser standing alone in the back of the club watching everyone else have fun …

I might have been a bigger geek than ever, but at least I was a geek with a plan to get laid!

My ‘player’ friends laughed like crazy and called me ‘super-nerd’ when I told them I would apply science to picking up girls instead of using their canned routines and cheesy pickup lines … but when I started scoring more chicks in a week than they did in a month, they actually started coming to me for advice!!


Look, you have to understand something: if you let them, girls make the rules. Bust out some scripted pickup line and up goes the Shield; you’re just another poor sap drooling for her number. It’s supply and demand; the hot ones get to be real choosy. No canned routine will ever change that fact.  Period.

I never use scripts – partly because my memory sucks, and partly because they DON’T WORK.

I’ll show you how to use ‘natural game‘ paired with rock-solid principles in evolutionary biology to stimulate irresistable attraction in every woman you meet … all without saying a word! Language is a recent invention; for most of human history, we communicated through body language alone. Your nonverbal communication – your body language – is a thousand times more powerful than the words coming out of your mouth.

If you know this one little secret grounded in evolutionary biology …

… you don’t need to be rich, good looking, or even nice … I’m none of those things … and age doesn’t matter. Get over your ego; picking up girls isn’t about you. It’s all about how you make the girl feel! Every woman has terrible insecurities and vulnerabilities that you can easily exploit … first, to break down her walls and lower her social status … then, to make her feel good inside and see you as a source of this pleasure. It’s like feeding crack to a baby .. yes, she will becomecompletely addicted to you.


Now, here’s what’s even more amazing…


You won’t have to buy her flowers or gifts, take her out on dates, or even pay much attention to her … imagine filling up a little black book with dozens of instant booty calls you meet on Craigslist, PlentyofFish, at the gym, at work, or just walking down the street …



Women are 100% predictable. Visit any online dating site and read through the profiles … don’t they all sound the same? Every girl in the world likes dancing, hanging out with friends, socializing, partying (but not necessarily at clubs), listening to music, cuddling, gossiping about people in her social circle, dressing up, and improving her appearance by wearing makeup, losing weight, or getting a boob job. Women are a lot like computer programs; press a button here and she does this, press a button there and she does that.

Most guys think picking up girls is all about being nice, buying them drinks, flowers, or gifts, and having good conversation … and these are just a few of the horrible blunders that every guy makes. Seduction isn’t about being nice; it’s about manipulation. I’ll show you how the female ‘computer program’ works so you can push all the right buttons every single time … and virtually guarantee sex with any woman you meet. Using my step-by-step formula rooted in science will give you a level of control over women that even expert ‘pickup artists’ only dream about … using subliminal messages, brainwashing, mind control techniques and manipulation …


IMAGINE YOUR LIFE if picking up girls was like going grocery shopping … choosing the freshest, ripest fruit anytime you want.


Did you identify the body language in the pickup scenario I showed you earlier? Here are the answers …

How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls

You’re about to learn how to …

  • Never Face Rejection Again … Learn How to Make Any Woman Scream YES, YES, YES!
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Check what my readers says



‘I’ve tried all the other pickup systems like David DeAngelo, Mystery, and Ross Jeffries .. nothing worked. Your methods were easy to follow and I’ve hooked up with two girls already this week .. hit the jackpot here, thanks!’

– Martin, Charleston West Virginia


‘definitely some killer ideas here that i’ve never seen before, i’ll be trying them out tonight :-)

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‘wow so much great details .. you should get this book published!’

 Jeff, Gary Indiana


‘I read your book three times and use it as a reference. Everything you say makes total sense. Last night I banged a girl from Craigslist using the chat routines you describe. Tomorrow I’m hitting three local gyms to practice your real-world game techniques. Thanks guys!!’

– Mark, New York City


‘if you wanna pick up girls quick, read this book. ’nuff said.’

 David, Urbana-Champaign Illinois


‘Your section on female desires really opened my eyes. I never knew this before. Oh and I’ve been using your mind control routines on this chick I’ve been friends with for forever .. and I think she likes me now as more than a friend haha .. so good stuff, I’ll let you know how it goes.’

 Irwin, Riverside California


This ebook is jam-packed with over 150 pages of my step-by-step formula to transform yourself into the Perfect Pickup Artist. I personally guarantee that reading this book will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities … changing your life forever.

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There are so many hot girls waiting for you, what are you hesitant about.

How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls

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How to get a Girl to like You

How to get a Girl to like You


Have you just found that someone special and don’t know how to get the girl to like you?  Just remember that all girls are different and what might click for one may not work on another. It is important to understand the mind of the girl you are trying to impress. It can be quite simple and yet complicated!


The one thing that will certainly turn a girl off at the first meeting is if you try flirting! Let her get to know you. Any amount of expensive gifts, flowers or fancy dinner dates may not work if you don’t know what the girl really wants in a guy.


What may be attractive to some girls may not attract others. There are girls who are attracted to guys with a well built body. To others a great personality is more important. Some girls may look for intelligence and a sense of humour in a man. Here are some tips which may guide you to impress a girl.

  • Work on your personality. Be positive in your approach to life and don’t let people take you for granted. Be successful in whatever you do and you will command respect.
  • Respect yourself and you will find others respecting you.
  • Work on your skills. If you have a unique skill or talent, develop it. It will give you confidence and certainly impress the girl in your life.
  • Have your own life. You don’t have to cling to a girl to get her to like you. Lead your own life, have your own circle of friends and develop your goals. You can follow your own interests and yet get a girl to like you.
  • Be a great conversationalist. You don’t want to suffer those embarrassing moments when you are with the girl you like and don’t know what to say. Those long stretches of silence can turn her off. Find out her interests and strike up a conversation on those topics which she would enjoy.
  • Be a good listener. Show interest in what the girl is talking about and contribute to the conversation. Nod to show you are listening.
  • Get to know each other. Tell her about yourself and be interested (not inquisitive!) in getting to know her. Take it slowly. You don’t have to give her an entire history about yourself on the very first date. Remember, this is not an interview.
  • Be her friend and let her know you are there for her and she can depend on you.
  • Have a sense of humour and you will find the moments spent with her very enjoyable.
  • Be romantic and pay attention to her when you are together. Do things which only she would appreciate.
  • Build on your looks and maintain personal hygiene. Dress correctly for the occasion. You don’t want to take her out to a fancy dinner in jeans and a scruffy tee shirt! Always be neat with well trimmed nails and clean clothes.
  • Work on your career prospects. A girl would like a guy to be a good provider.
  • Be a gentleman. Remember chivalry is never out of style!


Don’t let your problems get you down and try and be a happy person. Be optimistic and bring the sparkle in your life. That is a positive way to make a girl like you.

How To Get A Girl To Like You: Some Tips To Help

There are many things that a person must keep up in his sleeve he wants to know the tips to get a girl to like you. In the case that we start with the basics, first of all you should know that a woman loves a person who is tall, dark and handsome. Not that they do not like those persons who are not any of them, but it means that they will be along with someone that is a protector. A protector, which means that a person not only knows how to impregnate her lady, but also to defend her and her child from whatever the problem that they would be likely to encounter in the upcoming future. Thus, being tall, dark and handsome is ready to put you in the good books of the girl; but it certainly does not means that if you are not the one among them, then you are all lost. Well, you need to know something that if you are actually not one among them, then you need not to be depressed or feel sad about it. Rather, you can do a lot well if you feel confident about yourself. This is something which holds prime importance in the eyes of the common girl. If you are confident, and hold out a good idea about yourself, it means that you can hold a good idea in the eyes of the girl as well. If you do not like yourself for whatever problem you think about yourself, rest assured, even the girl is not going to like to like you as well.

Try out as many girls as possible. That will not make the girl conceited about her. Other than that, you will be someone who holds out a good idea of himself. If more girls are ready to be out with you, then it means that the initial one can also be one of them ready to go out with you. Besides, as mentioned earlier, the girl will be ready to think more positive of you.

Clearly, you are one of them who are looking for what ticks and make women giggle better, and hence you should be thorough enough to know whatever the methods are present to make the women feel light and tickle at most instants. Only one option is standing wide-opened, that is to get ready at all the flanks and open all the switches so that she does get “magnetized” towards your personality.

Attraction does not simply holds out a choice- you have to be good at all frontiers. The women then simply would not have any choice but to get attracted to you. In most of the cases, it will be found that women will keep out uttering same things over and over again, though actually the scene becomes that they are themselves quite skeptic as to what they want and what they do not. It is just you have to be ready and prompt at most of the frotiers.

The Ways To Get A Girl To Like You

This is a very interesting topic, is it not? Most of the people will be found out surfing the web, and scanning on pages, after pages as to find out what could be the possible permutations and combinations that one can include in him to know as the methods of girls to like a guy. Here in this article, I can share some of my views in order to help many of the guys which are looking for ways to know how to get a girl to like you.

This article has got many of the interesting facts that will help you really to get your woman, or women, regardless they are one or many. Although, if you decide to go for one girl, whom you have known for a lot of time, it means that you can already be present in that “forever friends” zone. This might be become a very hard nut to crack. There are some very important things to be taken care of, even when you know the girl full well or not.

 How To Get A Girl To Like You –

The first and the most important of all things that are needed to be taken care of, is the fact that you remain what you are. This becomes the most important thing to be seen to. This is because it will help you to reveal your true self to the girl. This is something which the girls actually like about you. You must be proud of yourself, so that the girl also starts to think about you.


In any of the case, one must not be obsessed with any one of the girls. Try out as many girls as possible. This will actually help out to build your self-esteem and confidence, and undoubtedly, make the girl think that you are more of a man than a chump! Nonetheless, you will get more attracted to the original girl.

There are some other important things that you should keep to in order to:

  1. You should not yourself facing with the body stance. Move with side-on.
  2. Always try to keep your funny side up. The girls actually love this thing.
  3. One more important thing. Girls love imagination. You need to realize this topic well, and keep it up as large as well.
  4. One must also realize that most of the things that the women want cannot be exactly mentioned. They might think that they want someone tall, dark and handsome, but keep it still and straight that this is the last thing that they actually require.
  5. But, the most important and the most mentioned thing among them all is the fact that the women need someone who is a protector. If you really into the methods to get a girl to like you, then hear this. If you are tall, dark and handsome, this will project the image that you are a protector. Not only you can be one who can impregnate her, but you should also be the one who can protect her as well as her offspring.