How to pick up girls online and offline– become the ultimate pickup artist

First, let me tell you a little story. It’s about how I went from a shy, awkward 22 year-old computer geek virgin to hooking up with a hot new girl every single day from Craigslist and PlentyofFish, Facebook, going to amusement parks, hitting the clubs, and just walking down the street …

"How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls"

High-school sucked. I had a crush on this chick named Kelly. Imagine the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, then make her ten times hotter. Long legs, and a sultry air that just screamed. I wanted to hook up with this girl for years, but I finally got the nerve to ask her out on the last day of school. I approached her after gym class and put my hand on her shoulder, all nervous and awkward. She turned around, kind of startled, and I saw those big green eyes gaping back at me … well, that was the last bloody thing I remember. I woke up two hours later in a white room with tubes coming out my nose. I had blacked out from fear. It was the most embarassing day of my life.

After that catastrophe, I read dozens of books by ‘pickup artists’ and learned from my friends in college who were real players. Problem was, every time I went up to a girl at a party or a club she just blew me off … even when I used the scripted ‘lines’ that pickup artists recommend. And when a chick gave me her number, it was mostly because she felt sorry for me … nothing worked!

I felt really disconnected from women and had no clue how to approach a girl or ask her out. I was about as confident as a seventh-grader with a crush on his teacher. It felt like there was some secret handshake – some secret code – that successful guys knew about. I got rejected over and over again. Basically, I had no game whatsoever …

Around that time, while wandering through the library on a friday night, I picked up a book called ‘ The Red Queen ‘. It was about new developments in ‘sexual selection theory’, a part of evolutionary biology that deals with how people choose sex partners … Let me tell you, that book changed my life forever. I started reading everything I could about ‘sexual selection’ … textbooks, obscure thesis papers, science-journal essays … Never again would I be the loser standing alone in the back of the club watching everyone else have fun …

I might have been a bigger geek than ever, but at least I was a geek with a plan to get laid!

My ‘player’ friends laughed like crazy and called me ‘super-nerd’ when I told them I would apply science to picking up girls instead of using their canned routines and cheesy pickup lines … but when I started scoring more chicks in a week than they did in a month, they actually started coming to me for advice!!


Look, you have to understand something: if you let them, girls make the rules. Bust out some scripted pickup line and up goes the Shield; you’re just another poor sap drooling for her number. It’s supply and demand; the hot ones get to be real choosy. No canned routine will ever change that fact.  Period.

I never use scripts – partly because my memory sucks, and partly because they DON’T WORK.

I’ll show you how to use ‘natural game‘ paired with rock-solid principles in evolutionary biology to stimulate irresistable attraction in every woman you meet … all without saying a word! Language is a recent invention; for most of human history, we communicated through body language alone. Your nonverbal communication – your body language – is a thousand times more powerful than the words coming out of your mouth.

If you know this one little secret grounded in evolutionary biology …

… you don’t need to be rich, good looking, or even nice … I’m none of those things … and age doesn’t matter. Get over your ego; picking up girls isn’t about you. It’s all about how you make the girl feel! Every woman has terrible insecurities and vulnerabilities that you can easily exploit … first, to break down her walls and lower her social status … then, to make her feel good inside and see you as a source of this pleasure. It’s like feeding crack to a baby .. yes, she will becomecompletely addicted to you.


Now, here’s what’s even more amazing…


You won’t have to buy her flowers or gifts, take her out on dates, or even pay much attention to her … imagine filling up a little black book with dozens of instant booty calls you meet on Craigslist, PlentyofFish, at the gym, at work, or just walking down the street …



Women are 100% predictable. Visit any online dating site and read through the profiles … don’t they all sound the same? Every girl in the world likes dancing, hanging out with friends, socializing, partying (but not necessarily at clubs), listening to music, cuddling, gossiping about people in her social circle, dressing up, and improving her appearance by wearing makeup, losing weight, or getting a boob job. Women are a lot like computer programs; press a button here and she does this, press a button there and she does that.

Most guys think picking up girls is all about being nice, buying them drinks, flowers, or gifts, and having good conversation … and these are just a few of the horrible blunders that every guy makes. Seduction isn’t about being nice; it’s about manipulation. I’ll show you how the female ‘computer program’ works so you can push all the right buttons every single time … and virtually guarantee sex with any woman you meet. Using my step-by-step formula rooted in science will give you a level of control over women that even expert ‘pickup artists’ only dream about … using subliminal messages, brainwashing, mind control techniques and manipulation …


IMAGINE YOUR LIFE if picking up girls was like going grocery shopping … choosing the freshest, ripest fruit anytime you want.


Did you identify the body language in the pickup scenario I showed you earlier? Here are the answers …

How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls

You’re about to learn how to …

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Check what my readers says



‘I’ve tried all the other pickup systems like David DeAngelo, Mystery, and Ross Jeffries .. nothing worked. Your methods were easy to follow and I’ve hooked up with two girls already this week .. hit the jackpot here, thanks!’

– Martin, Charleston West Virginia


‘definitely some killer ideas here that i’ve never seen before, i’ll be trying them out tonight :-)

– Andy, Greenville South Carolina


‘wow so much great details .. you should get this book published!’

 Jeff, Gary Indiana


‘I read your book three times and use it as a reference. Everything you say makes total sense. Last night I banged a girl from Craigslist using the chat routines you describe. Tomorrow I’m hitting three local gyms to practice your real-world game techniques. Thanks guys!!’

– Mark, New York City


‘if you wanna pick up girls quick, read this book. ’nuff said.’

 David, Urbana-Champaign Illinois


‘Your section on female desires really opened my eyes. I never knew this before. Oh and I’ve been using your mind control routines on this chick I’ve been friends with for forever .. and I think she likes me now as more than a friend haha .. so good stuff, I’ll let you know how it goes.’

 Irwin, Riverside California


This ebook is jam-packed with over 150 pages of my step-by-step formula to transform yourself into the Perfect Pickup Artist. I personally guarantee that reading this book will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities … changing your life forever.

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There are so many hot girls waiting for you, what are you hesitant about.

How to get a girl to like you,how to pick up girls

Believe me , one year later you would wish you have purchased this book today.

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