How to get a Girl to like You

How to get a Girl to like You


Have you just found that someone special and don’t know how to get the girl to like you?  Just remember that all girls are different and what might click for one may not work on another. It is important to understand the mind of the girl you are trying to impress. It can be quite simple and yet complicated!


The one thing that will certainly turn a girl off at the first meeting is if you try flirting! Let her get to know you. Any amount of expensive gifts, flowers or fancy dinner dates may not work if you don’t know what the girl really wants in a guy.


What may be attractive to some girls may not attract others. There are girls who are attracted to guys with a well built body. To others a great personality is more important. Some girls may look for intelligence and a sense of humour in a man. Here are some tips which may guide you to impress a girl.

  • Work on your personality. Be positive in your approach to life and don’t let people take you for granted. Be successful in whatever you do and you will command respect.
  • Respect yourself and you will find others respecting you.
  • Work on your skills. If you have a unique skill or talent, develop it. It will give you confidence and certainly impress the girl in your life.
  • Have your own life. You don’t have to cling to a girl to get her to like you. Lead your own life, have your own circle of friends and develop your goals. You can follow your own interests and yet get a girl to like you.
  • Be a great conversationalist. You don’t want to suffer those embarrassing moments when you are with the girl you like and don’t know what to say. Those long stretches of silence can turn her off. Find out her interests and strike up a conversation on those topics which she would enjoy.
  • Be a good listener. Show interest in what the girl is talking about and contribute to the conversation. Nod to show you are listening.
  • Get to know each other. Tell her about yourself and be interested (not inquisitive!) in getting to know her. Take it slowly. You don’t have to give her an entire history about yourself on the very first date. Remember, this is not an interview.
  • Be her friend and let her know you are there for her and she can depend on you.
  • Have a sense of humour and you will find the moments spent with her very enjoyable.
  • Be romantic and pay attention to her when you are together. Do things which only she would appreciate.
  • Build on your looks and maintain personal hygiene. Dress correctly for the occasion. You don’t want to take her out to a fancy dinner in jeans and a scruffy tee shirt! Always be neat with well trimmed nails and clean clothes.
  • Work on your career prospects. A girl would like a guy to be a good provider.
  • Be a gentleman. Remember chivalry is never out of style!


Don’t let your problems get you down and try and be a happy person. Be optimistic and bring the sparkle in your life. That is a positive way to make a girl like you.

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