How To Approach Women In Cafes/Seated Areas…

How To Approach Women In Cafes/Seated Areas…

Ok — Say you’re sitting in a cafe/restaurant and you suddenly spot a really cute girl you’d like to get to know sitting several feet away.


What you should do is this:


Take a napkin, take a pen and draw a tic-tac-toe “board” on the napkin.


Start the game off by putting an “x” on it, then ask the waiter/waitress to take both the pen and the napkin over to her.


When she gets the napkin, look at her and give her the coolest *smirk* you can ever give to her ;-)

Now, 8 out of 10 times, she’ll usually accept the invitation to ‘play’.

She will naturally put an “o” and you guys can have like a secret “game” going on between the both of you.


Now once she’s ‘in’ the game and the moment you get back the napkin for your turn, right after you have marked your spot, make sure you write down something wacky/funny like “I am SOOO gonna kick your ass!” next to it ;-) and get the waiter/waitress to hand it back to her.


When she gets back the napkin, she’ll usually laugh and will probably write back something ‘nasty’ to you too…


Once that happens, you know you’re in the ‘game’ with her.


Now, don’t be surprised SHE’LL be the one that walks up and brings the napkin back to you when the both of you have finished the game…


You’ll know what to do after that… ;-)


Another technique I like to use especially when I’m at a restaurant, cafe or any ‘seated’ place for that matter is this…


The moment I spot a girl I’d like to meet and she’s sitting there all by herself, I’ll immediately walk up and sit right next to her and I’ll say, “Did you save this seat for me?”


Most of the time, she’ll be so surprised and lost for words, she won’t even know what to say.


But notice how powerful this technique can be.


When you do this — you’ll instantly project and show how amazingly

confident and over-the-top you are as a person.


Often times, the girl will find it rather fun if you do so.


The key here is to be extremely confident and RELAXED when you use this approach — basically do this as if you’ve done this a thousand times and am very sure that you’ll get a positive response from her.


You have to make as if you just DON’T CARE of the outcome.


This technique is the TRUE example of what you SHOULD be doing and acting when I stress the point of you having to have that certain degree of CONFIDENCE  (some call it playful cockiness) when you’re approaching or when you’re WITH women.


Confidence doesn’t mean reminding yourself or talking to yourself in your brain to “be confident”.


You have to SHOW her YOUR confidence.


Do it with flair, do it with style.


Always remember, you don’t HAVE to make her like you.


Yes, let me repeat that.


You don’t HAVE to make her like you.


I’ve said it many times over and I am going to say it again.


When you’re approaching women, DON’T THINK OF THE OUTCOME.


Stop pressuring yourself into thinking…


“Oh, what should I say to make her like me?”


“How should I act to make her like me?”


Stop that!

Instead — always remember the keywords that I’ve taught you — just as long as you’re wacky & funny enough when you’re with her, you’ve got it made.


Genuinely HAVE FUN when you’re with her – or with ANY woman you’d like to meet. That’s the one key to it all!


The results will eventually take care of itself as you go along.


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To Be Continued


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