How To Approach Women In Bars & Clubs

How To Approach Women In Bars & Clubs

For me, bars and clubs are always my number 1 place to pick up women ;-)




Well, coz the women that go there are usually there to have fun, no?


‘Fun’ to them would also mean being hit on my guys, no?


Think about it – why would they even bother to go through all the hassle to put on their sexiest looking outfits and spend  hours looking as if they’re going for a major ‘Cosmo’ glamour photo shoot?


… so that they could simply ‘feel good’ looking good?


I don’t think so.


Yes, that might be part of the reason, but the other part is because women naturally love attention – from guys especially.


It does not matter whether they are geeky, nerdy or even hot-looking guys.


They just love being noticed and gawked at.


As females, it is absolutely natural to them to feel more desirable. “It just makes us feel – feminine,” is the answer one of my girl friends gave me.


Long story short,


I LOVE picking up women in bars and clubs.


But bear in mind, over there, women are WAY more open to guys hitting on them as opposed to places like shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, etc — so beware.

I also have to add that women are ONLY open to guys that ‘hit’ on them the



And believe me the right way ain’t like how 90% of guys would normally

approach a woman.


For example, in clubs, what guys would normally do is they just go up to a woman and say something predictable like “Know what? I think you’re really hot, errr, can you dance with me?”






And they have the nerve to complain that women aren’t receptive to men’s advances in clubs.


Of course they ignore you.


OF COURSE they just walk off…


Don’t you think such a line is outright LAME?


It’s not only boring…


It’s downright DISGUSTING! lol


Here’s one of my favorite lines I would normally use when I want to approach a woman…


But before that, always remember this:


The right mindset you SHOULD have when you want to approach women is to always come up with lines that are  “out of the blue, wacky and funny!”


Just say anything wacky that comes first to your mind — it doesn’t have to be something that makes sense, as long as its WACKY, it ALWAYS works for me…


For example, I’ll walk up randomly walk to a girl I like and go…


ME: “Hey Stacy! How have you been?”

HER: (Speechless…)

ME: “Wat’s up? Stacy… it’s me!”

HER: “Err, do I know you?”

ME: “… Stacy…Quit playing…”

HER: (Looking really weird now…)

ME:  Quick stare… then smile… “Ok, you’ve got me… I’m just looking for

someone to mess with… so you come here often?”


Get that?


Again — just use anything that’s wacky on her, it definitely WILL work :-)


Now, on (paper), it looks easy.


But bear in mind, DOING it and simply READING it are 2 absolutely different things!


You see, your game is not played at the computer, internet, book or in your REAL head. It is played in the  REAL WORLD, with  REAL PEOPLE and SITUATIONS.


You’ve read about it many, many times and I want to say it one more time.


If you really want to become GREAT with women, you must actually go out and PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE it until you get it absolutely right.


Sure you will falter at first, not everyone rides the bike ‘right’ during the first try, same thing here.

You will stumble once in a while, but it’s perfectly alright to fumble or even fail.


It’s all part of the learning process anyway.


It is only through REPEATED practice out there in the field that you will gain true skill. NEVER forget that.


It works ALL THE TIME! ;-)


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To Be Continued


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