How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 4)

A Skill You Can’t Live Without… 


If you want to be successful with picking up women in bars and clubs especially, there’s one skill that you simply MUST have.  Look around carefully at all the successful ‘players’ in the clubs and you’ll notice one thing.


They know how to get ‘jiggy’ on the dance floor!


Women at clubs tend to be WAY more attracted to the men on the dance floor, even if they don’t dance well or are less attractive than the men sitting/standing around – did you not notice that? ;-)


With that in mind…

Dance First, Talk Later…


When you’re playing your Game on the dance floor, forget about talking and focus on your moves instead! Just dance and they will come to you, introductions and all that can be done later.


Women go to clubs to dance and have fun, not talk.


Remember though, it’s not  how you dance that attracts them… it’s the confidence you display when you get out on the dance floor that appeals most to them!

Never Call The Next Day… 


Once you get her number, never, never call her the next day. By doing so, it shows that you’re not desperate for her and have nothing else to do but to think of her the entire time ever since you’ve last spoken.


Calling her the next day is NOT how the Game is played. You’ve got to know when you should show interest and when NOT to show it.


Your aim right after getting her number should be that of a ‘relaxed’, laid back state. You’ve got to project to her that getting women’s numbers are what you do ALL the time, so it’s nothing new to you anymore.


On the other hand, you want to project that you are “in demand” (popular with the ladies) and that you are generally tied up with various activities in your daily life, and not sitting around all day just thinking of how wonderful a girlfriend she could naturally be.

Best is for you to call 3, 4 days after the initial meeting. That balances

everything out.


The Bottom Line… 


… if you’ve always wondered why certain guys are able to just walk up to any woman, whisper a few words and instantly be able to connect with women?


… and why certain guys just CAN’T seem to do it no matter how hard they try?


It is simple because guys who are great with women, they just DON’T CARE.


They don’t care about the outcome of the approach.



They don’t care what the woman he’s approaching thinks.


He just goes ahead and do whatever he feels like doing & he’s genuinely out there to HAVE FUN.


You see, I look around and I’ve noticed most guys actually do not have ‘problems’ with women at all.

These guys are like any other guys, they know how to kid around, they know how to have fun with their friends – basically they have great characters & personalities.


BUT for some odd, unexplainable reason, these very same guys –  they suddenly become a WHOLE NEW person especially when their around women they like, women they really want.


They start acting nervous, they become all fidgety and stuff and they simply lose it.


For some weird reason, they just can’t seem to know how to act the way they normally do, what to say, etc when she’s around.


You’ve seen that happened lots of times, right?


I know I have.


So what is the best way to overcome this then?



Whenever you see an attractive woman you’d like to meet, imagine her looking like Princess Fiona. (Yes! That’s Shrek’s wife, duuh!).


Now, with that beautiful ‘picture’ of her stuffed in your mind, do you  think you’ll have any problems walking up to her, busting her balls as and when you like and acting perfectly like how you’d act around other more ‘average’ looking type of women?


I sure as hell know you won’t.


Now, in all honesty, I know it might sound silly to you – but trust me, this technique will work WONDERS for you if you actually go out and TRY it.


Why let her beauty intimidate you?


Just imagine her being of the GROSSEST looking woman you’ve met, someone who picks her nose in public places, someone who’s just plain filthy.


Stick that image of her in your brain and then walk up to her and do your thang.


In fact, have that same image right up there in your brain everytime you’re approaching hot-looking women.


I GUARANTEE you’ll see a TON of a difference in the way to talk, tease & I flirt with her.




Because for once, you’re NOT intimidated by her beauty anymore & you just DON’T CARE about the outcome.


You’re just treating her like the thousands of average-looking women out there.


They key to it all, like I’ve always said is for you to GENUINELY have fun whenever you’re out.


Don’t go out looking to ‘get laid’.


Instead – have a good time.


Irrespective of whether you managed to get laid that night, if you’re out there just chilling, relaxing and having an enjoyable time with your buddies, that positive vibe that you’re projecting will naturally bounce off others.


Positive vibe spreads – like WILDFIRE.

Women will notice guys who know how to have fun.


Most of them ‘secretly’ want in on the fun too, you know ;-)


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To Be Continued


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