How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 2)

How to approach & pick up women in Bars,clubs and Any public place- without rejection (Part 2)

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Assume She’s Interested In You…


That’s one of the best ways to get yourself pumped up to do your approach. This will give you confidence and the woman will pick up on this, in turn making her more attracted to you


It does not matter whether it’s a fact or whether it’s just your own belief. YOU MAKE IT YOUR REALITY! The key here is for you to take the first step forward to walk up to her. Remember, you CANNOT hesitate when you approach women. You only have 3 seconds to make it work.


After that, hesitation kicks in. You’ll doubt yourself. Or she’ll just walk away. These are realities that happen in bars and clubs.


Bring A Female Friend To Your Game Area…


When going to a club or bar in search of women, bring a female friend instead of going with your normal guy buddies. This will give everyone the impression that you are already taken, and men that are already taken, for some funny reason seems to me much, MUCH more appealing to women than groups consisting of just guys.


Have fun and make your girl friend/s laugh when their around you and SHOW it to the women around you. Those women will be thinking things like, “That guy looks kinda’ interesting. The women around him are having so much fun, I wonder what he’s saying to them…”


heightens their opinion and By having women around you, it immediately your social standing to them… It’s just basic human psychology.



Once she has that perception of you, she’ll be way open to any of your Once she has that perception of you, she’ll be advances when you’re approaching her.


This goes the same wherever your game is, be it in cafes, the local eating place, bars, clubs, ANYWHERE.


Remember, this is one powerful technique that is guaranteed to work every single time.


Techniques On Approaching… 


You have to make your approach in a very LAID BACK, RELAXED manner.


NOT just walking up to her and looking all fidgety, nervous and anxious at the same time.


Here’s a common scenario when guys approach women in clubs:


–  Guy is sitting down with his drink

–  He spots a hot woman

–  He gawks at her non-stop

–  When she notices him looking, he’ll look away

–  He then steals glances at her, whenever she looks, he’ll look away

–  He’ll be thinking, “What should I say?”, “What should I say?”

–  When he finally thinks of some ‘cool’  opening line to try and impress

her which he ‘thinks’ will work, he finally gets up and makes his move…

9 out of 10 times, she WILL reject him



No.1 – He hesitated when first looked in his direction and looked away (this shows of his lack of confidence)


No.2 – He keeps staring glances at her but kept looking away everytime she looks his way (this shows that he’s scared, fidgety & uncomfortable in such situations). This will immediately LOWER his social standing in her eyes dramatically!


No.3 – When he finally starts to make his move and approach her, she will instantly know that he was eye-ing her, (he was indirectly giving her power and ‘prizing’ her – in other words, she knows he want her).


When this happens, she knows she has the upper hand when he approached easily blow him off and ask him to get lost. His chances of a her and she can successful pick-up is 10%-90%. This again will depend largely on his body language and how he talks to her when he makes his approach.


Baaad approach.


Recommended approach: 


–  Guy is sitting down with his drink

–  He spots a hot woman

–  He is genuinely having fun and laughing along with his buddies

–  Whilst laughing, he looks around and spots her again.

–  When she notices him looking, he’ll immediately raise his glass, points it her way and acknowledges her

–  He smiles confidently

–  She’ll look away

–  He continues having a blast with his buddies

–  He then nonchalantly looks her way again and smiles

–  She looks at him again and begins to ease up on the situation

–  He gets up, walks toward her, and says “Hey, you know what, we were all just having this lil’ argument over there on who is the smarter sex, a man or a woman – what’s your take on this? We need a woman’s opinion on this to make it an even ‘trial’ over there” *smirk*…

–  At this point, she’ll HAVE to say something..


Notice the difference in how both approaches are done… 


This time, the guy shows supreme confidence and projects that he’s there in the club to genuinely have fun. He seems to be more of a laid back guy rather than someone who’s there simply to ‘approach’ women…


He does not act desperate.


He never hesitates, sees something he likes, walks over and makes his move. He is not even making it seem like he’s approaching her – he’s just asking for an honest opinion from the first female he notices in the room.


There’s no way in hell she’ll act all bitchy and try to diss him off this way…


Point is: Don’t make your approaches too OBVIOUS to women. It’s just a very HARD way to make your approaches successful. When you make it too obvious, you’ll be subject to too many  uncontrollable situations which normally would be unfavorable to you.

To be continued



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